The B2B state of play in ANZ

An excellent infographic summarizing the challenges B2B marketers are confronting has been assembled by the team at Green Hat.

The data has been drawn from the company’s 2015 B2B Marketing Outlook report:

  • Marketers are allocating on average 28% of their budgets to digital
  • 75% will spend more or the same on inbound compared with outbound
  • 38% are satisfied with their marketing automation investments
  • 75% say content marketing is a significant/very significant component of their strategy
  • 52% are not getting satisfactory lead follow up from the their sales teams
  • 20% are getting some form of social media ROI
  • And, no surprise, marketing ROI is the number one challenge
Infographic summarizing Green Hat's 2015 B2B marketing outlook report
Click to access the excellent infographic summarizing      Green Hat’s 2015 B2B marketing outlook report
6 years ago