The Tesla robot is coming

The Tesla robot is coming. It will be revolutionary in its impact with profound long-term implications for our planet. What happens when there is no shortage of labour? Capital is essentially distilled labour. How big can the economy expand? With physical work an optional choice that no person will need to perform, a universal basic income will become essential.

The intelligent humanoid robot initiative was announced at the conclusion of Tesla’s AI Day in California on August 19 2021, a deep dive masterclass for true AI nerds which is being described as the most significant technology event in more than a decade.

The Tesla bot will deploy Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) tech across software, sensors, batteries, neural nets and Tesla vision. Elon promises that the Tesla bot will friendly, as it eliminates dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks. It will be possible to run away from it and “most likely overpower it”.

Leading AI scientist and YouTuber Lex Fridman describes AI Day as “the most amazing real-world AI & engineering effort I have ever seen in my life”.

Fridman says the event showcased Tesla’s “incredible engineering at all levels: AI hardware for inference & training, neural net design innovation, data, tools, auto-labeling & long-term vision for future of robotics”.

His video on the program’s key ideas is worth watching:

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