Tesla’s “blitzscaling” wins

Tesla, the company accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, has recorded its fourth profitable quarter in succession.

It’s $US 104 million Q2 2020 result again exceeded expectations and confirmed that Tesla continues to stake out its own territory as the world’s most dynamic brand with “blitzscaling” growth fueled by commanding leads in battery technology, vehicle software, solar energy, autonomous driving, data-driven insurance, collaborative social marketing and its “alien dreadnought” gigafactories.

As leading analyst Dan Ives says, it is “Tesla’s world now and everyone else is paying rent”.

Tesla’s former Quality VP Philippe Chain recently shared a great culture insight.

Chain, who has also worked at Renault and Audi, wrote: “what took a single meeting and five days at Tesla would have required a six-month-long process at Renault or Audi. It would have started with a thorough investigation going back to the source of the error, looking for the person to blame internally, investigating a possible blunder of the supplier, etc. Then, a politically delicate sequence would have unfolded to set up a series of meetings and workshops. Multiple hierarchical strata would have been involved, going up probably to the very top of the organization.

“That is the key to the Tesla Way: expedited, value-driven procedures, implemented with a maximum delegation, and a fast decision-making process in a flat structure.”

8 months ago