Green Hat's 2021 B2B marketing research report

Slow progress is not good enough

Now into its second decade, the survey by leading Australian B2B marketing agency Green Hat shows that marketers are achieving only slow progress in digitising and driving commercial outcomes.

3 years ago

The whole picture

The Guardian’s Three Little Pigs campaign is even more relevant today than it was when it was launched back in 2012.

4 years ago

11 life lessons

Here are my 11 life lessons, delivered at Deakin University’s Arts and Education graduation ceremony on February 19 2018. It…

6 years ago

Welcome to the trust revolution

We are in the middle of a “trust revolution”, driven by transparency created by the Internet of customers, according to…

9 years ago

Is everybody on the call?

If you need to interact with people in more than one location, and which corporate role doesn’t, then you’ll relate…

10 years ago