Welcome to the trust revolution

We are in the middle of a “trust revolution”, driven by transparency created by the Internet of customers, according to Salesforce.com’s CMO and Buddy Media founder Michael Lazerow.

Check out his interview delivered on the sidelines at a recent business technology conference.

Lazerow says the revolution in transparency is redefining the rules of business, government, and beyond, as all of us are being forced to act more responsibly and with greater authenticity.

“If you’re a company that misuses data, if you’re a government that misuses data, you will be overthrown,” he claimed.

“You can’t do stuff that is stupid, if you there is always a camera, there is always something on.

“You will be exposed as being fake if you are not a responsible actor.”

Optimistic perhaps, but his riff on the Internet of things and the Internet of customers and what that means in terms of transparency works for me.

If you are going to be naked, and our digitally-enabled and hyper connected world means you will be, you’d better look good.

7 years ago