Social enterprise collaboration makes business sense

Streamling enterprise communication: “the fewer places I have to go to access information, the better, for two reasons: fewer interfaces and critical mass. What we want is a critical mass of users and a critical mass of information in the fewest places possible. That’s what makes social networking so effective. That’s why we’re all on Facebook–because that’s where everybody is and that’s where all of the good information is. The same dynamic will hold true in the enterprise,” says Forrester Research analyst Rob Koplowitz.

Rob claims that the kind of horizontal social network–or social layer–offered by Yammer, Jive, Chatter, Socialtext, and others is beneficial to enterprise users because it will allow them the greatest exposure and access to information and expertise with the least number of locations and interfaces to deal with.

Makes sense?

The Social Enterprise becomes a reality.

Zero internal emails, fantastic!

This is how your real-time, social business needs to be architected:

And it its recent report, which is attached, Nucleus Research singles out as its No. 1 prediction how the social-network platforms will drive significant, company-changing productivity increases.

According to Nucleus, most successful firms “will leverage social technology to build the productive enterpriseā€.

Rebecca Wettemann, vice president, research, for Nucleus, says that the advance of social networking in the enterprise merits its No. 1 prediction because the trend is comparable to the rise of e-mail 10 to 15 years ago, with the enormous changes that it brought to operations.

Here’s their report:

l107 – Nucleus top ten predictions 2012





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