Experiences are the fundamental basis for how we compete and win. Whether in B2C or B2C, today differentiated experiences drive growth. Forrester Research recently used the results of a survey of 1,024 global executives to create the Customer Obsession Assessment (COA), a 21-statement self-evaluation tool that helps firms benchmark their customer-first habits against other global companies. In a new report, the COA was applied to 45 organizations based in Australia and New Zealand to compare their customer obsession maturity to firms in the rest of the world.

The report highlights the real and hard work involved in changing organizations and their cultures.

Here’s how the report classified the respondents:

  • 31% (14 total): Customer Naïve, the least mature
  • 27% (12 total): Customer Aware
  • 38% (17 total): Customer Committed
  • 4% (2): Customer Obsessed, the mature category

The majority are a long way from being ready to engage effectively and consistently with today’s diverse, changing and in-charge customers.

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