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Marketing automation explained

Trying to get your head around the still relatively new marketing automation field? If yes, and even if not, you’ll

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Data: unconnected, undiscovered and unused

As we race to understand so-called “Big Data”, are we truly on top of our own internal “small data” within

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End game for solution selling

B2B customers don’t need sales people the way they used to. That’s the central premise of a feature article in

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The extinction of the HiPPO is nigh

Decision making in traditional hierachical organisations all too often defaults to a HiPPO. A HiPPO is a Highest Paid Person’s

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What’s your Customer Effort Score?

  Check out the articles at the end of these two links: Delighting your customers does not improve loyalty, reducing

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The Chief Customer Officer’s mandate

Vision corp’s new Chief Customer Officer has replaced both the CMO and CIO roles. And the CCO’s mission is: Merge

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Customer focused telcos?

Good article in Melbourne’s Age’s newspaper today about the tactics Australia’s telcos are employing in an attempt to lock their

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Excel is evil

If you’re organisation is stuck together with Excel spreadsheets, it may be time to think about a better way. A

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Burberry executes on its vision and generates profitable growth

Excellent execution, Burberry’s digitally-immersive Taipei store opening: And great vision: Equals profitable growth