B2B customers don’t need sales people the way they used to. That’s the central premise of a feature article in the July-August 2012 edition of the Harvard Business Review by research and advisory services specialists Corporate Executive Board.

Today’s digitally-aware customers have become skilled at finding their own “solutions”. As a result, they don’t need sales reps like they used.

Unlike traditional solution sellers, agile sales people are responding by leading with insights meant to disrupt, challenge and differentiate a customer’s approach to business.

Dive into the report here: The-End-of-Solution-Sales (CEB HBR August 2012).

So, if you are only just weaning your sales crew away from traditional hunter-killer, transactional behaviour patterns and across into the solution-selling game, get primed for another pivot.

For more on how the Internet has changed the decision-buying process check out Google’s Zero Moment of Truth video:

Google has a site dedicated to the concept.


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  1. Before anyone rushes to conclude that “solution selling” is dead… or over… I would encourage them to delve deeper into what the trademarked methodology Solution Selling is really all about… http://www.solutionsellingblog.com/home/2012/8/27/will-the-real-solution-selling-please-stand-up-part-1.html

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