From campaigns, to journeys, to commerce

Traditional IT (Information Technology) is over. Today’s conventional IT organisations spend far too much time in conflict with “the business”.

The platform revolution explained

What’s your platform strategy? Is it connected, collaborative and scalable?

  All businesses either will be digital platform businesses or they will be out of business. As we transition from

Forrester Research's Customer Experience Index

A differentiated, superior customer experience does pay dividends

Launched six years ago, Watermark Consulting’s annual Customer Experience ROI Study illustrates why, according to the firm’s founder Jon Picoult,

Green Hat's 2016 B2B marketing survey results are now available.

The best B2B marketers are doubling down on automation and metrics

Best-in-class B2B marketers are doubling down on marketing automation and performance metrics, according to the 2016 B2B Marketing Outlook Survey conducted

How to Lead a Quest V3

Motivating great work: venturing beyond the default

Motivating great work, venturing beyond the default, is the provocative Dr Jason Fox’s mission. He’s just launched his new book,

Percolate's 50 most important marketing charts of 2015

2015’s top 50 marketing slides

Good summary of the state of marketing in 50 slides from marketing management software company Percolate: Here are my takeaways:


Content: 2/3 is either unfindable or usuable

Marketing content, from thought leadership white papers to video and sales collateral, is the fuel that drives B2B marketing. Relevant


CRM: the new centre of gravity

The migration of the corporate world’s centre of gravity from ERP and transaction management towards CRM and customer experience management was

Jay Baer's Youtility is a NYTimes best seller

“Relevancy magically creates time”

Marketing’s big challenge is to synchronize people, processes and technology to deliver contextually relevant right-time, right-target messaging. Do this and

Customer Experience is the New marketing

You can’t fake it

“No matter how much money you spend on advertising, you can’t convince customers that you provide better experiences than you

B2B  Marketing Outlook 2015

The B2B state of play in ANZ

An excellent infographic summarizing the challenges B2B marketers are confronting has been assembled by the team at Green Hat. The

Marketing Magazine

Measuring marketing’s performance

Marketing Magazine’s industry advisory board chairman and Deakin University senior lecturer Michael Valos recently asked two good questions for an

Analytics: “skills managers must have”

Analytical skills are not technical skills, they’re thinking skills that every competent manager should master, according to an excellent Kellogg


Customer experience is the new marketing

Is customer experience the new marketing? According to Gartner, 89% of companies expect to soon compete mostly on the basis


SAAS (Software as a Service) CRM continues to grow and SFDC is accelerating: Gartner

47% of all CRM systems are cloud or SAAS (Software as a Service) based and’s market leadership is accelerating

Be braver and bolder

I have been asked by Marketing Magazine to write a career advice letter for publication in an upcoming edition. Here’s

Welcome to the trust revolution

We are in the middle of a “trust revolution”, driven by transparency created by the Internet of customers, according to

Who owns the customer experience?

Everybody agrees that we need to be customer-centric, customer focused and even customer obsessed, says Sirrus Decisions’ Megan Heuer in

Is everybody on the call?

If you need to interact with people in more than one location, and which corporate role doesn’t, then you’ll relate

The Internet of customers

Economists were missing in action at the start of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Instead of the

Most of us are consistently missing the online lead follow-up window

More than a decade after the Internet hit prime time and stayed there, marketing and sales organisations are consistently missing