From push, to pull, to participatory

As we journey from push to participatory, with a stop at pull along the way, here are a few guidelines from customer experience guru Bruce Temkin:

  • You can’t buy loyalty, you’ve got to earn it
  • Innovation is a team sport
  • Every interaction creates a personal reaction
  • People are instinctively self-centred
  • Customer familiary breeds alignment
  • Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers
  • Employees do what is measured, incented and celebrated

Bruce has recently released his 2013 US customer experience ratings.

10,000 U.S. consumers were asked to rate their recent interactions with companies across three dimensions of their experience: functional, accessible, and emotional, using their responses to rate 246 companies across 19 industries. Thirty-seven percent of companies received a “good” rating or better, an increase over 28% of companies in 2011 and 16% in 2010. Grocery chains, fast food chains, parcel delivery services, and retailers earned the highest average scores while TV service providers, health plans, and Internet service providers earned the lowest.

The three dimensions are:

1. FunctionalHow well do experiences meet customers’ needs?
2. AccessibleHow easy is it for customers to do what they want to do?
3. EmotionalHow do customers feel about the experiences?

Here are the leaders and laggards:Temkin 2013 best and worst experience companies


8 years ago