Do you have a foreman managing your content marketing factory?

Getting a sophisticated content marketing program happening requires a significant degree of cross-functional alignment and co-ordination.

Leading B2B sales and marketing research consultancy Sirius Decisions says “no single function can own the end-to-end content process, but organizations must appoint a foreman who acts as the operational hub for process optimization and measurement”.

The foreman’s mandate must include the following responsibilities:

  • Process (audit, internal marketing, cross functional interlocking and optimisation)
  • Insight (personas and localization)
  • Technology (content managemet system, content workflow management and sales asset management)
  • Measurement (utilization, quality and impact)

Do you have room for a “content operations” executive who is focused on content quality and efficiency? If not, you almost certainly should.

Here is Sirius Decisions’ recommended content marketing roadmap:

Sirius Decisions content model


8 years ago