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Consumer-grade experiences are essential B2B differentiators

The imperative for B2B brands to deliver consumer-quality experiences as essential differentiators was a prominent theme at Salesforce’s Connections 2018

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What’s your platform strategy? Is it connected, collaborative and scalable?

  All businesses either will be digital platform businesses or they will be out of business. As we transition from

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A differentiated, superior customer experience does pay dividends

Launched six years ago, Watermark Consulting’s annual Customer Experience ROI Study illustrates why, according to the firm’s founder Jon Picoult,

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2015’s top 50 marketing slides

Good summary of the state of marketing in 50 slides from marketing management software company Percolate: Here are my takeaways:

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Subscribe, don’t buy

Dollar Shave Club is back with a new video promoting their second product line, butt wipes called “One Wipe Charlies”.

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The first person to live to 150 is alive today

Prudential’s billboard captures our attention with its simple statement. What will this fact mean for marketing?  

Embracing connectedness

An excellent example of brand-building thought leadership, IBM’s 2012 Global CEO Study Leading Through Connections is the outcome of 1700

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