Dollar Shave Club is back with a new video promoting their second product line, butt wipes called “One Wipe Charlies”.

Not as humorous as the first, which has had 10 million hits, but still good enough to launch the new product.

Dollar Shave Club has more than 200,000 customers receiving monthly razor shipments.

How well the wipes product flies remains to be seen, but company founder Michael Dubin is adamant that he can own a significant share of the market for bathroom products and disrupt the conventional retail-consumer connection with his subscription model.

Backed by high-profile venture funds, Dollar Shave Club endeavours to keep its customers and prospects engaged with a consistent stream of digital communiqués in form of an engaging blog, social jokes and virtual cards.

Dubin wants you to subscribe to his brand, to commit to a continuous engagement not a series of transactions.

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