Is fear holding you back?

Spare 3 minutes and 41 seconds and watch this emotional and honest “we just got bought” video from Buddy Media CEO’s Michael Lazerow:

As he explains in the video, Lazerow has just sold his company for $US 689m to Analysts estimate that the deal may have enhanced his personal net worth by around $US 200m.

And for another perspective read this Forbes comment.

And I also relate this assessment from the CEO of Radian6, Marcel LeBrun, another SFDC acquisition, especially this paragraph:

“We believe that Marketing is undergoing the biggest transformation in 60 years. Marketing is evolving from traditional media campaigns focused on one-way messaging and brand impressions to social marketing, focused on building customer connections, two-way conversations and customer relationships. Advertising is expanding from traditional media to social media, with campaigns that engage customers and build connections. Social media has moved from a specialized team in marketing to the foundation of marketing.”

9 years ago