Connecting in “the context of the moment”

Exuberant founder Mark Benioff (who can get away with inserting the word “amazing” into every second sentence of a keynote presentation) has been banging the drum in recent months with his mantra “business is social”.

With a cast of notable talking heads, this video attempts to explain what it means.

For most of SFDC’s still relatively short life, the key theme was “the end of software”.

Then it was “the social enterprize”, but that phrase had to evolve into “business is social”, as many people, in particular UK people, complained that the phrase social enterprize was already owned by the non-profit sector.

Thousands of customers are buying in (although the share price appears to have all the characteristics of a bubble, but that’s a big topic for another post).

On November 27, SFDC’s platform hit the billion transactions per day mark.

To commemorate the event, which is a significant milestone, the company released this infograpic:



8 years ago