Your new boss

IBM may be a BDC (Big Dumb Company), but the messaging supporting their Smarter Marketing program is on target.

6 years ago

We’re all public companies now

IBM has an excellent series of videos, promoting their smarter marketing agenda, such as these two. We’re all public companies…

7 years ago

Point solutions are pointless

If we accept that the customer experience is the decisive differentiator in our commoditized world, then we need to move…

7 years ago

The extinction of the HiPPO is nigh

Decision making in traditional hierachical organisations all too often defaults to a HiPPO. A HiPPO is a Highest Paid Person’s…

7 years ago

Is fear holding you back?

Spare 3 minutes and 41 seconds and watch this emotional and honest “we just got bought” video from Buddy Media…

7 years ago