What’s your Customer Effort Score?

  Check out the articles at the end of these two links: Delighting your customers does not improve loyalty, reducing

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The Chief Customer Officer’s mandate

Vision corp’s new Chief Customer Officer has replaced both the CMO and CIO roles. And the CCO’s mission is: Merge

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Customer focused telcos?

Good article in Melbourne’s Age’s newspaper today about the tactics Australia’s telcos are employing in an attempt to lock their

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CMOs will drive technology spend not CIOs

“CMOs Will Spend More on IT Than CIOs” When Gartner analyst Laura McLennan made this bold statement in a Gartner

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We’re all marketers now

“In the era of engagement, marketing is the company” Excellent McKinsey Quarterly article makes the compelling case the organisations need

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Will it matter in six months from now?

We all get caught up in our day-to-day dramas, but do today’s issues truly matter? Will you even remember them

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Burberry’s click-to-buy online video experience

Burberry continues to execute on its digital brand mission. Watch the company’s new season videos online from the brand’s website,

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Is fear holding you back?

Spare 3 minutes and 41 seconds and watch this emotional and honest “we just got bought” video from Buddy Media

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Excel is evil

If you’re organisation is stuck together with Excel spreadsheets, it may be time to think about a better way. A

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Social enterprise collaboration makes business sense

Streamling enterprise communication: “the fewer places I have to go to access information, the better, for two reasons: fewer interfaces

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Corporate culture drives strategy

Relate to this quote: “every vibrant, healthy, inspiring, innovative, and positive corporate culture I’ve witnessed has occurred not because culture has been placed

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Out of office?

This is an old article from Tyler Brule, the founder of Wallpaper magazine and now Monocle, easily one of the

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Excellent Sydney Data Miners event

Good audience at the Sydney Data Miners meet up. Excellent questions from the floor. Thanks to Will and the Datarati

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Burberry executes on its vision and generates profitable growth

Excellent execution, Burberry’s digitally-immersive Taipei store opening: And great vision: Equals profitable growth    

SFDC’s Dreamforce circus attracts 14,000 in London

Big crowd of 14,000 at SFDC’s London Dreamforce event today:

Post industrial people management

As a gaming company, they’re already out there but that’s where you need to be. After all, if you’re not

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Salesforce.com finally is addressing the marketing space

Salesforce.com is embarking on a major push into the marketing capabilities game. Judging from the following two comments CEO and

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