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The automation mandate: even relationships

Have a process? Yes, then automate it, even relationships as the Japanese startup Vinclu is doing with the Gatebox, a

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The best B2B marketers are doubling down on automation and metrics

Best-in-class B2B marketers are doubling down on marketing automation and performance metrics, according to the 2016 B2B Marketing Outlook Survey conducted

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The B2B state of play in ANZ

An excellent infographic summarizing the challenges B2B marketers are confronting has been assembled by the team at Green Hat. The

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Marketo chases the integrated marketing software suite

An integrated marketing software suite is the big picture goal of leading marketing automation vendor Marketo. Last week, in San

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Behind marketing automation’s magic curtain

A catalyst for sales alignment and a key ROI enabler, marketing automation holds great promise, but it is still a

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Marketing automation explained

Trying to get your head around the still relatively new marketing automation field? If yes, and even if not, you’ll

Read more › finally is addressing the marketing space is embarking on a major push into the marketing capabilities game. Judging from the following two comments CEO and

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