Become a customer company continues to impressively develop and articulate its vision. The company’s sky high marketing-budget-to-sales-revenue ratio (okay, I am jealous) may irritate investment analysts, but it does pay off in the form of compelling videos such as this one:

Regardless of whether you buy Salesforce’s version of the future, there is no doubt that now is the biz tech-enabled time to add genuine substance to your conventional “customer first” rhetoric and finally put the customer at the centre of your universe.

So few are doing it well, that superior customer management is a decisive differentiator in today’s ultra competitive universe full of commoditized products and services and brands that simply don’t have the appeal that brand owners think they do.

As customer management guru Bruce Temkin says “no matter how much money you spend on advertising, you can’t convince customers that you provide better experiences than you do”.

8 years ago